Friday, April 3, 2009

How do You Know When A Layout is Finished?

Occasionally, you will see this question on a message board. My answer, as well as for many others, is you just know. The big thing for me is that I don't like to put away my layouts immediately into albums or stack them where I can't see them. I have a laundry line in my scrap area where I clip them, and I have a picture rail in my family room that gets 5 layouts and a special one goes in the upstairs living room. As I pass by them, I always give them a quick look, they just make me happy. Sometimes I don't even notice that I'm doing it. And if the layout isn't complete, I just feel it. And the fix comes to me. So I thought I show 2 incomplete layouts and there fixes.

This is just screaming unbalanced to me.

Add a few more stars up the side and change the photo corner. And Viola.

I thought this was cute, but my original intention was to put some journaling on those circles. But my epoxy stickers didn't quite look right or say the right thing.

Costume computer quotes which is actually what his 2nd grade teacher said. She said a lot of people say this, but He really could be anything he wants to be.

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