Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

And for your little crafters, here's 2 easy crafts.

1 is a turkey pin. I used a scallop punch on cardstock. Then you snip in the valley just a little ways in. I then used my sizzix circle die with it's 4 sizes in different colored felt (I like the lightest tan for the face) The biggest of the felt goes on for the body, the next gets cut in half for the wings, the next would be the upper body part, the smallest is the face (missing in the top one). Then I took an EK success small punch with red cardstock and cut that in half for the gobbler. Cut triangles out of yellow for the beak. We used Aileen's tacky glue to put it together. Throw on some self adhesive eyes and a pin back. Pass out to all your friends and Gobble, Gobble.

This next one. Cut a styrofoam ball in half. Glue to craft sticks together. Paint brown, even the top of the foam. Let dry. If I had a larger size scallop punch I would have used it & glued the ball bottom to it. But I didn't. I used SU! pennants that I had for forever and a sheet of label stickers typed out with "Give Thanks". I used hemp to tie that to the cross. On the one we did with the kids at the thanksgiving party I used my sizzix to cut leaves from felt, you could use cardstock as well, or a mix. Then glue on. Then I went to the craft store and saw fall flowers being clearanced so for $0.70 I took a bunch, and hot glued them to the base of another one. I was going to do this with the Princess and her cross which she hadn't finished. She threw a fit. So I did a completely knew one. After she saw the finished product, she changed her tune. I think it's way cuter too, but harder to accomplish with 20 kids.

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