Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Weekend of FUN!

which obviously means a weekend of scrapping. Don took care of the kids. (my general rambling blog will have some of their pics from the weekend). I completed 10 pages of traditional/hybrid and 4 full digi pages. I also watched the movie Garden State - pretty cute. I was hoping to start a mini-album for LC, but, even though I have all of the supplies, I can't quite conceptualize how I want to put it together. And I'm excited about the album, but I struggling.

oh well, good thing I don't stress over what I scrap. haha

So here I'm sharing my digi layouts. (you can click on the image & it should bring up a larger pic so you see details.)

This was for the Spraground template challenge. And by far, my favorite digi layout that I did this weekend. I LOVE butterflies. I forget that I do, but I always want to buy butterfly embellie's and stamps and when I see pins you wear or such I want them even if I don't fork over the money. but I digress. Supplies used: In the Making Design Template by Linda: ScrapGirls-ASO-textured Cardstock Spcl Brown; ABR-HisNHers-Spcl Blue Dot Paper; LivE-WildGrafix Paper - Water & Earth2; Designer Digitals - KP- StampedBlock FlrNo2-2; KP-Vintage Text Paper; Divine Digitals-RLF- ImSoRusted-Stitches, RLF-BeRemembered-Butterfly, RLF-AngelsofNostalgia-Scroll2; JenWilsonDesign-Quote7-repeatAfterMe project 52; CreativeDreams-CherryCheesecakeAddon-Brass Nameplate; breath sampler label\
Journaling reads: Joni is the oldest daughter of my sister. I remember her early years, growing up close to her. Now as an adult, we both live further aprat than we would like. Still, I am amazed how much Gabriella takes after Joni. Some of her actions and attitudes remind me so much of Joni at that age. When the two of them are together, the family features shine out.
This one is all DD-Mary Ann Wise Evagaline Kit & KP template freebie.
Journaling: These Photos were taken between December 2006 and January 2007. Proof that you really did get along at one point in time. I know you will again, but lately it has been quite difficult with fighting and selfish behavior on both of your parts. I long for the days when kisses were the norm and pray for when you will be best friends again.

DD- KP freebie and flourishes.
Journaling says:
when the camera comes out
your Personality Shines
pose after pose
DD-PK freebie template from chat, DZ freebie everyday inspiration paper
I'll post the paper layouts tomorrow.

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