Saturday, February 7, 2009

Well, in just 2 weeks, barring any more distractions, I'll get a whole weekend to scrapbook!! Yeah! In the meantime, here's my latest purchase. Also the last few pages. I also finally photographed my gift album for my MIL, so I'll try to share that this week.

So excited by this purchase. I've been wanting some of these blocks to alter for a while. And I only paid $7.19. woohoo!! score

This is for my sister's album. So simple, 2 pieces of cardstock (1 that was a scrap, a stencil and a marker, stickers colored with a sharpie. Logan said there isn't enough stuff on it, so he doesn't like it. But I think it's cute. Logan has that embellishment sneeze thing going on (every inch of his pages usually have somehting on them).

Math Quiz - This is about Logan being so great with math.

Steph 8th Grade.

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Anonymous said...

This is very pretty, I love all the purples against the black. Found your blog on Facebook btw!