Saturday, April 16, 2011


March brought on sickness to the family. Don first, then me, then the boy. The girl escaped mainly unscathed. She had me worried for some time but seemed to fight it off. Don and I were hit extremely hard. For the first few days, I would do a lesson with 1 or both of the kids, then send them to watch a show as I was exhausted from that alone. The fatigue and cough lingered for a couple of weeks. I took the boy to the Dr.'s and when she heard my cough, she informed me that I had bronchitis. The boy was on the cusp of it - could go either way. Yeah. But I recovered within a few more days and without the help of antibiotics. I really think that Dr's are too quick to prescribe them. I didn't get to play much while sick, but have been working on my art journaling a bit here and there. Practicing doodles for several days. Finally putting the scrunched tissue paper onto the heart for my gratitude journal cover. I also made this card for our Uncle Stanley, who had to undergo heart surgery, all while we were sick and could not visit at the hospital. I really like the way it turned out.

On future blog notes: more of the art journal page work; the girl's contest entry at Little Yellow Bicycle;

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