Monday, March 7, 2011


Do you remember when you were 5? Your biggest concern was what am I going to PLAY now!

Well, now I'm playing with....

knitting. I took a class & learned the basic knit and pearl. So fun. Can't wait to really have a good grasp and then learn the cable and popcorn and other maneuvers. I go to a quilting class tomorrow night. I totally thought I should by-pass the beginners and after taking the beginners knitting, I'm sure I'm going to cancel the beginning crochet class. (they only teach the single and double, which I can already do.) But I will still be attending quilt class. We should be making a pillow top. So today, after a lengthy, 1 year wait, I opened my new sewing machine. A Brother XR9000. Can I just say "Sw eeEEt". oh yeah, this baby is wow, even though it is missing the little needle threading hook. I bought it at Costco in the fall of 2009 when my 28yr old basic model starting slipping a bit in her old age. Well, then life imploded on us in 2010 so my new machine has set, lonely, in its box collecting dust and any other odds and ends I happen to throw on it. I can't wait for class tomorrow. But even more than that, I can't wait to sew something with this puppy.

Play time with journaling. Yep. I've been at that too. Trying to keep up with the Art Journal Everyday which since it is SOO much FUN! it really isn't hard at all. So last week I took a plain white cardstock and glued it to the front of the binder.

So Sunday night, I took a few minutes before going to be to do this front. First I took a pencil and made my lettering and heart. Then using watercolor crayons I made the cover.
Then today I took a waterprook pen and outlined the letters. Then a water loaded paintbrush and blended the colors. I took some paint & mixed it with gesso for coloring in the letters. Then decided to play with an inside page -- I just couldn't wait!

I used blue and green blob method and my fingers to rub it around. Then I took off excess with a paper towel. I used a hairspray cap as my stamp for the circles and some bubble wrap to add more interest. (I actually flipped the book to take a pic of the front cover and it almost closed the whole way which accounts for the circles on the left hand side. And guess what, I love it like that! --HAppY AcciDenTs!) so much fun. Can't wait for more.

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