Saturday, October 25, 2008

Updated page.

As I got ready to print, I redid just the focal photo a bit. Looks SOO much better to me.
That's a great thing about digi pages, you can always go back and change things without the possibility of ripping pages and elements beyond repair. Don't get me wrong I'll never give up my paper, I like the tactile sense and actual depth you get IRL that you just can't duplicate in digital.

So this morning, as I should be wrapping birthday presents for a party this afternoon, I'm putting all of the completed layouts in my albums. This is a chore. As we were cleaning with the flood, I found I still had some layouts mixed into sample albums with cards and such from my SU! days. So I probably have 30 or more, but this now means that all of my display spots throughout the house are bare. Guess what that means?, she says with a twisted smile. ANSWER: I have to scrapbook to fill them up. (huge smile, and a bit of a maniacal laugh thrown in). Yeah!

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