Sunday, November 2, 2008

a ME weekend

You know, Don takes the kids, I get some much needed time to myself. Only thing is, yesterday morning as they left for the day, LC was having issues. He has a hard time leaving his Mom sometimes, so a day that should have been productive and enjoyable was miserable. I missed my babies and worried about them the whole time they were gone. But it's now closing in on 5 pm on Sunday (Don has the kids at the park) and I have 3 layouts completed, a mini-album started, and more information for the kids 2008 pocket books.

I've taken down all of my layouts from the house displays and need to really get some more finished up so my displays don't look so bare.

Ali Edwards posted a link to "sunshine album for kids". I may try to participate depending upon what else happens in life in the next few weeks.

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