Friday, November 5, 2010

21 Day Challenge Starts Today

Are you familiar with Rhonna Farrar’s 21 Day Challenge? She does it every year. It’s where you pick 1 thing you would like to make a habit of or 1 bad habit you would like to break. And you spend time everyday for 21 days on it, and you are supposed to have an art journal about it as well.
The cool thing is Rhonna blogs everyday inspiration to keep you going. She is so sweet.

I actually almost did one the very first year that she did it. I picked my goal and tried to do it sans creative journaling. I just didn’t even come close to having a minute for myself at that time in my life. So needless to say, I did not last very long.

Well, she is doing it again – starting today. She has a kit for sale at House of 3 for the creative journaling part, but you don’t have to use it to participate. She has some free art from last year available on her blog. And you don’t have to use that to participate either. The BIG thing is she says to only pick ONE thing. That is where my trouble lies. I feel so OVERWHELMED in so many areas of my life how do you choose one. Possible ideas: Spend time with God daily – Prayer, reading Bible
Enjoy quality time with my kids everyday – not doing school work or reading books to them, but playing with them for at least ½ hour.
Organize my house.
Clean my house. (I get grouchy when my house is a sty.)
Do something creative every day. (I get kind of grouchy if I don’t get creative time.)
Eat healthier.
Lose weight/Get in Shape.
Try a new recipe once a week.
Give up Chocolate!!
Give Positive thoughts to myself to counter self doubt.

So many things to choose from – all important.

OK. So I've also decided my art journal will be a hybrid creation. I want to mix some digi goodness with some really messy and some just plain want to try things. I've started my day one journaling, but am having difficulty finding my circular word template. Now to decide what to do.

I'm off to the farm now. We have to install a new cast iron wood stove. Since the stove weighs 480 pounds and the farm has 40 acres. Be back Sunday.

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