Sunday, March 6, 2011

Art Journal Everyday

So Julie Fan-Fei has been doing a challenge of sorts. Art Journal Everyday. You sign up each month on her blog and there is a flicker group. Lots of talented peeps. It's amazing just for inspiration! I signed up in January but with putting up storage shelving and everything else. I didn't get to play. So I started playing in March and (after completing the following) I signed up.

This being my first attempt at art journaling I actually went and looked at Emily Falconbridge's art journal prompts from a few years back. She did a challenge and worked on tags. So I cut down some white paper and chose her wish prompt as my first attempt.

The back of the wish card actually states what some of those wishes of discovery and achievement should be. Achieve = balance, organization, ideal weight. Discover = myself, relaxation (whew, doesn't everyone need some of this), cheesemaking,quilting, sewing, crocheting, weaving, education (kids/me), books. Discover/Achieve = deeper relationship with God and fun.

Then I chose a favorite quote and played with gesso. Mainly because I wanted to try that technique.
Today, I'm hoping to start my Gratitude Journal. As a homeschool mom of a child who hates to write and one who is overly dramatic if anything doesn't go exactly as she wants it, I thought the whole family doing gratitude journals would/could (1) reinforce writing skills while allowing artful play, (2) remind us of the blessings God has given us that we sometimes take for granted ,(3) help us all to be truly thankful for those blessings and for what we have. My goal is to show the kids different techniques, let them play, and give them prompts ideas of those blessings.

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milkcan said...

Beautiful stuff! Hope you had fun and you're totally hooked now! :)